Palletising Gripper

Gripper developed by AMC superior design and engineering capability. Designs are customized to the industry requirements , tested under stringent conditions and commissioned by experienced engineers.

Palletizing Application

Palletizing of lead batteries done by Robotic arm. Palletzing systems are customized as per industry requirement.

Palletsing With 2 Robots

System developed using sorting and palletizing applications, where 2 robots coordinate and perform the job at hand . AMC designs the application as per requirement.

Waterjet Cutting System

This System is the World’s most Economical Waterjet Cutting System. Robotic arm is attached to a Waterjet cutting device, which is designed by AMC .

Turret Punch Press

AMC is the ONLY MANUFACTURER OF CNC TURRET PUNCH PRESS IN INDIA . The Core strength of this machine is its Hi-Tech design and superior engineering alongwith competitive pricing. Think AMC for all your sheet metal processing needs

Glazing application

Robotic system developed for Glazing of Ceramic Sanitaryware. Consists of 3 Robots and Glazing station. A full Glazing cell is developed and installedand Robots are programmed to so their tasks. All inputs are designed and developed at AMC.