AMC-SINCE 75 YRS/span>

AMC is the only manufacturer of CNC Turret Punch Press machine in India & Leading System Integrator for Robotic Automation

AMC products offer the state of the art, highest level of technology, available anywhere in the world together with Good Economy.

AMC Designs, Manufactures, Markets and provides after sales service to its customers. It is committed to being the best by providing integrated and innovative solutions.

It is the ONLY manufacturer in India for CNC Turret Punch Press Machine.

AMC has been in this industry for more than 50 years. This experience coupled with its innovative evolving designs, manufacturing capabilities are its core strengths.

This has directly resulted in a long list of satisfied customers and market share


  • In house R&D.
  • Technology, Design knowledge.
  • Latest technology at affordable price.
  • Skilled manpower.
  • Valuable, Long Experience Since 75 Years
  • Market reach and Serviceability.
  • In house Marketing, Sales, Advertising
  • Reputed Market Position
  • Reliable Brand Name
  • Best Cost Performance Ratio
  • Strong After Sales & Service Support

Product overview

  • CNC Turret Punch Presses
  • Robotic Solutions
  • CNC Bending, Shearing machines
  • CNC Flame, Plasma, Laser and Water Jet Cutting Machines
  • Universal Iron Workers, CNC Punching, Marking Shearing Machines
  • CNC PU Foam Gasket Machines.

"What becomes a difficult task for other organization is often rather easy for AMC, therefore it makes machines and offers solutions, which are not being made by any other company in India"

-Mr. Achal Nath(MD)

1948 - AMC commenced operation in Delhi making stainless steel items for Indian Railways.

1955 - Made its first machine – Pedestal Grinders. Thereafter it continued making machines which were all import substitutes.

1959 – AMC introduced 1st Nibbling Machine in Model NM5 in India.

1963 - AMC introduced 1st Universal Iron Worker In India.

1973 – AMC Developed Balancing Machines.

1979 – AMC sold 1st Robot in India - Kawasaki robot ” PUMA” in Kolkata.

1980 - AMC made its first Programmable Punch Press using PLC control. – 1st In India

1989 - AMC introduced the first fully automatic CNC Turret Punch Press. This was the 1st machine of its kind manufactured in India.

2004 – AMC introduced 3D Water Jet Cutting Robot System . 1st In India

2008 – A new segment for PU machines and chemicals became a requirement in India. This was identified and the new machine developed and introduced May 2008. It’s again the 1st in India.

2010 - AMC introduced Laser Cutting Machine with FIBER LASER

2013-AMC supplied Dual Gripper Palletizing Robot Automation System.

2014- AMC supplied Faucet Grinding Robotic Automation System – 1 st to this Industry

2016- AMC supplied Ceramic Sanitary ware Glazing Robotic Automation System. Another 1st to this industry